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Join us for a study in the Book of Judges Beginning September 9, 2012

The Book of Judges depicts the struggle of God’s people to accept His leadership in their lives.  We all have to answer the quesiton who’s the boss?  Are we going to let God lead and direct our lives according to His values and standards or are we going to insist on being the boss of our lives according to our values and standards?  If as Christians we try to walk the tighrope of compromise with the world and partial obedience to God, we will not know spiritual victory and God’s blessing.  The Book of Judges is filled with people very much like us – people with God given potential for greatness and unfailing capacity for catastrophe.  When they dared to trust God and depend upon Him, they became people who made positive, godly impacts on their times.  But when they went their own ways and compromised their values they experienced failure and spiritual defeat.  We can learn a lot from their victories and failures.

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