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Progressive Dinner and White Elephant Gift Exchange 5:00 pm

Our Progressive Dinner and White Elephant Gift Exchange will take place on Saturday, December 14, 2013.  Meet at the church at 5 pm to carpool to the various homes.  We will eat the appetizers at one home, the salad at nother, the main course at another, and then return to the church for dessert and the gift exchange.  This is a potluck so be sure to sign up on Sunday mornings at church to indicate which course you would like to contribute to.  You may also speak with either Kim Strange or Karen Meissner.  Each person will also need to bring a gift for the White Elephant Gift Exchange.  A White Elephant Gift is something you have at your home that you no longer need or want but it is still is useable condition.  Wrap it up and bring it and let the fun begin.

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