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Join Us for a Study of the Gospel of Luke

Pastor Mark has recently begun taking us through the Gospel of Luke on Sunday mornings.  The theme he has chosen for the book is “Jesus: Our Sympathetic Savior.”  The key verse for the book is Luke 19:10, “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.”  In his book Insights from Luke, Chuck Swindoll says the following, “Luke shows us an all-powerful Creator taking on the fragile frame of a mortal.  His gospel presents a man who is never so deified as to be distant or uncaring.  On the contrary, the man he describes, Jesus, climbs down from the heavenly realms to enter the clutter and chaos of our fallen world and to subject Himself to our faults and frailties, pains and passions, sorrows and sicknesses.  In Luke’s account alone we hear the helpless infant cry of the Almighty.  We see the Christ child match wits with the greatest theological minds of His day and become fully aware of His dual nature – His divine origin, divine purpose, and divine destiny living in human flesh.  We see Jesus the minister healing throngs of diseased and disfigured people for no reason other than love.  Sometimes, His miracles serve few purposes beyond simple kindness.  Luke’s carefully researched and sensitively written account of Jesus’ life highlights the God-man’s humanity more keenly than the other three gospels, undoubtedly to place even greater emphasis on the Messiah’s prophetic name: Immanuel, ‘God with us.'”  We invite you to join us as we encounter the life of Christ in the Gospel of Luke and apply His teachings to our lives.

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