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“The Mission and Purpose of KCC” Matthew 28:16-20

This message emphasizes the renewed mission and purpose of Kenmore Community Church, “to develop maturing followers of Jesus Christ” and calls the church to 21 Days of Prayer for spiritual breakthroughs in the life of our church and our movement of churches.  Attached is a pdf of version of the 21 Days of Prayer booklet.

Converge 21 Days of Prayer 2018 Booklet

Sermon Outline (1/7/18)


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  1. Mozelle Boyd Johnskn

    As we embrace 2018, this divinely inspired sermon provides much needed food for thought. Personally, it brought to mind a scripture that I’ve reflected on for a few months, Matthew 9:14-17. Through prayer and fasting we allow God to reveal, remove and replenish. Thus, not bringing any old habits with us into 2018! Pastor Mark could’ve used over the top seminary terminology, but he didn’t. He also could’ve force feed us shame and guilt, but he didn’t. Instead, Pastor Mark provided a foundation by which, to strengthen our individual homes, as well as the house of God!
    The method of fasting that you choose is based on individual preferences. However, the end result will be healing in our homes and perhaps our land (2 Chronicles 7:14).
    Blessings & Peace

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