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KCC Worship Service and Actitivities Temporarily Suspended (March 12, 2020)

Due to the continuing concern over the spread of the Covid 19 virus, the elders and I have decided to suspend the worship service and all church gatherings for the time being. As you know, many in our congregation fall into the high risk category should they become infected with the virus. Therefore, we feel it is prudent and the loving thing to do at this time. I will provide periodic updates as to the status of the church worship service and activities.


In the meantime, the worship team and I will meet to record and video tape services and upload them to the web via our website, you tube, and facebook. Our hope is to quickly be able to live stream a service with no audience so that you can enjoy the service from your home.


The elders and I are working on a plan to keep our church connected via phone, email, and text. If you need help with anything, please call the church office and let us know. I will keep regular office hours and be available for pastoral care and counsel so please feel free to call or email. Karen Ceurvorst will also be working her regular hours and will be sending out the weekly praise and prayer list so you can call in or email your praises and prayer requests to her at info@kenmorechurch.org.


The church is not a building, it is you and me living out our faith on a daily basis, sharing the good news of Jesus with those we interact with, and leaving the fingerprints of the kingdom of God on the lives of others. So I encourage you to reach out to your neighbors and fellow church attendees and seek some way to be a blessing to them during these uneasy times. In addition, I encourage you to continue to read the Word of God daily and spend time in prayer for all those affected by the virus. Always remember that we are to walk in faith not in fear.


Grace and Peace in Christ,

Pastor Mark

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