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GOOD NEWS! In person Worship resumes June 21, 2020 at 10:30 am

We are excited to once again be gathering in person as a church family. Please read the following plan and policies for our regathering.



Since King County is now in Phase 2 of its reopening plan, we have the green light to regather for in person worship services at 25% of our capacity which is 63 people at a time. Our first worship service will be June 21, 2020.

As you know, our church is committed to developing maturing followers of Jesus Christ who are committed, growing, serving, and sharing. A maturing follower of Jesus Christ is devoted to loving God with their whole heart, soul, mind, and strength, and loving their neighbor as themselves. Our reopening plan must take those values into consideration. We are aware that people are watching to see how we care for public health and safety as we regather in our building. We will demonstrate that our rights to gather and worship are not more important to us than the health and safety of our neighbors.

Therefore, we have established the following policies and procedures for the first few months as we regather. These policies and procedures are similar to those that all churches are being asked to follow as spelled out by the Washington Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control.

  1. Capacity: In Phase 2, we are permitted to have 63 people in worship at one time which is 25% of our capacity. Unfortunately, anyone wanting to enter the building after 63 attendees have arrived, will be informed they may not enter. If we find that more than 63 people are wanting to attend each week, we will have two services, one at 9 am and one at 10:30 am.
  2. Safe Distancing: We will facilitate and maintain a minimum six-foot separation between all persons. This will require moving the pews further apart and blocking off the use of some of them. Members of the same household or social bubble should sit together. We will also need to keep people moving through the lobby so that it does not become a choke point. Words of greeting and waves will be used instead of handshakes and hugs.
  3. Face Coverings: Each person in attendance shall wear a suitable face covering while on the premises for worship (before, during, and after the service). Face coverings will be provided for anyone not able to bring their own.


  1. Screening: People should evaluate their health before choosing to attend the service. If you are exhibiting any signs of sickness (fever, cough, achiness, upset stomach, etc.) you are asked to stay home. If you have been diagnosed with Covid 19 or have been exposed to someone who has recently been diagnosed with Covid 19 you are asked to stay home until medically cleared.
  2. Attendance: We will keep a record of attendance for each service. This record will be maintained for a number of weeks in case the need arises for us to do contact tracing. Regular attendees will be noted as they enter the building. Those for whom we have no contact information will be asked to provide their name and phone number or email address.
  3. Personal Hygiene: Attendees will be encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly after using the rest room and to make use of the hand sanitizing stations located throughout the church building.
  4. Supervisor: We will designate at least one COVID-19 supervisor for each gathering to monitor the safety plan. The COVID-19 Supervisor will report to the Pastor.
  5. Nursery: We will not have a nursery during Phase 2 due to the tight quarters and limited volunteer staff. The nursery will be available for nursing mothers and changing babies.
  6. Children’s Ministry: We will not have separate programs for children during Phase 2 due to the difficulty children have maintaining social-distancing practices. Children are urged to attend and must sit with parents or guardians.
  7. Singing: Singing is permitted (with the exception of a choir). Face coverings must remain on while singing.
  8. Distribution of Materials: Bulletins will be available on a table for attendees to pick up at the back of the sanctuary.
  9. Collection of Connection Cards and Offerings: Collections will be made at the existing stationary boxes on the back wall and baskets placed on the communion table. We will not pass offering bags or collect materials by passing them. We will continue to encourage online giving and mail in giving.
  10. Communion: While in Phases 2 and 3, we will use individually wrapped, pre-packaged communion supplies. Gloved helpers will be available to assist those who have difficulty opening the packages.
  11. Restrooms: Access will be limited to no more than 2 people at a time.
  12. After-Service Treats: Until we are in Phase 4, after-service treats will not be provided.
  13. Video Taping: We will continue to video tape the worship music and sermon and post them on our website each week so that those who are unable to attend in person can still enjoy the service online.
  14. Cleaning: The entire facility will continue to be cleaned thoroughly each week and additional cleaning of high touch areas will take place during every gathering.
  15. Signage: Signs will be placed throughout the church building informing attendees of the various elements of this plan. A sign will be placed on the front door explaining the various expectations and attendance limits.

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